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Important Announcement

Unfortunately, we have some bad news. Due to family and life changes, the yarn shop has become unsustainable and we made the decision to not renew our lease. The COVID-19 pandemic was really the nail in the coffin for us, and there is no way we can continue to maintain the shop. There is some good news - Kristi will continue dyeing yarn, so the Pittsburgh Yarn Company hand-dyes will continue as before, via online sales and shows! In fact, our yarn is now available for online sale via the website at As soon as it’s safe to get back in the studio, we’ll resume dyeing! We appreciate each and every one of you who have supported us in the last two years. We would not have made it this far without you. We’re going to miss our regulars and the fun out-of-towners and everyone in between. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. This has been a wonderful experience that we won’t forget.

Our timeline - the lease is up on July 31st. This means we have to empty the space of all yarn and fixtures, patch the walls, clean, and be completely out on that date. The shop will likely close officially at least two weeks prior. Starting today, all in-shop yarn (excluding our own hand-dyes) will be 25% off. All previously marked down products will be 50% off. Any special orders, including Berroco drop ship, Ashford, and HiyaHiya products will be ordered at regular price. We are unable to do special orders from other companies because we cannot order specific amounts, and are no longer bringing in excess products to sell. Any purchases you make help us recoup at least some of our losses.

As you may know, Governor Wolf has approved Allegheny county to enter the yellow phase. This means retail stores like ours can reopen (yay!), but it doesn’t mean we’re in the clear. There is still no cure or approved treatment for COVID-19. It’s a very real threat- we don’t want to get sick, and we don’t want any of our awesome customers to get sick. A lot of our customer base is older, but COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate! With this in mind, we would prefer to continue doing curbside, local drop-off, and postal delivery. We can do contactless payments via Paypal just as we have been doing. Folks who want to come into the shop and browse are welcome to do so, but we have some requirements:

  • Masks must be worn. Remember, you’re basically protecting Kristi from any germs you may have picked up at Giant Eagle or wherever. She’s going to be wearing a mask as well.

  • No more than three customers in the shop at a time, and six feet of space must be between all customers and employees. Obviously when it comes time to pay, we’ll be a little closer for a short period.

  • Please use our fancy scented soap to wash your hands before handling the yarn. Yes, yarn cries to be touched and smelled (mm, wool fumes), but please do not put the yarn to your face. I can’t clean the yarn between customers, so bear this in mind.

  • Classes, one-on-one instruction, and open craft night cannot continue until a cure/vaccine for the virus is found. We can’t think of a good way to teach without being inside of each other’s six feet of space. We’re sorry, and it pains us to not have these moments of community with you all.

New operating hours will begin Saturday, May 16th!

Sunday - closed

Monday - closed to the public, curbside 1-4pm, deliveries/post afterwards

Tuesday - closed

Wednesday - 1-8pm

Thursday - closed

Friday - 1-8pm

Saturday - 10am-3pm Again, thank you all so much for your support. We couldn't have gotten this far without all of you. -Kristi, Kat, Liz, Danielle, and Marta

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