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We want your feedback!

We have been open a week, and I think I just might be growing accustomed to being in the shop on a daily basis. It’s certainly a relaxing spot (did you know we have a comfy couch AND a Keurig?). So far, I’ve had a number of delightful customers visit, buying yarns for projects like socks, vests, a duster, and future projects unknown. I like that nearly everyone enjoys yarn and talking about yarn just as I do. A lot of our clientele so far has been friends and supporters, but we’ve also seen new faces brought in by the power of Facebook and Instagram as well as people from the neighborhood. We’re excited to meet all of you!

As we gear up for our grand opening on August 18th, we’re trying to gauge customer interest. Please check out this survey and let us know what you’d like to see in the shop! This includes classes, which will be offered starting in September, fiber and yarn types, and open craft night details.

Click HERE to access the survey.

We are looking forward to reading everyone’s responses!


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